Release Date: Wednesday, October 24th 2012

Laacke & Joys Announces New Business Venture and Closing of Downtown Location in January 2014

Laacke & Joys is excited to announce upcoming business changes that will allow our business to grow and prosper.  These changes include the purchase of a new business, as well as facility changes beginning next year.

Laacke & Joys has acquired the assets of Concept Seating Inc., which has marketed and developed a unique niche in the three-shift, 24-hour chair business. The business began twenty-one years ago as a pioneer in a market concentrated on companies that needed an employee to work in a chair for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Concept Seating 24/7 Intensive Use Chairs utilize ergonomic designs delivering economic benefits in terms of long life, multi-user versatility, reduced musculo-skeletal strain and advanced comfort features. Concept Seating chairs stand the test of time, while the normal commercial chair disintegrates within six to eighteen months. The company’s efforts have identified an evolving niche in the market that is growing.

With our engineering staff, capital and current manufacturing capabilities, this is a natural fit for an exciting future expansion of the business. Our estimate is that we will more than double the size of our existing manufacturing business and the newly acquired Concept Seating Division over the next five years while creating new job opportunities.

“My husband and I have owned Laacke & Joys for seventeen years and continue to alter the business to meet the demands of our customers” said President Marsha Mather. “We are devoted to staying ahead of trends and want to make changes that will continue the 168-year history of this great company.”

With this announcement, the company will be moving the manufacturing division from the downtown Water Street location in the summer of 2013 to a new facility that will provide additional space and flexibility for future expansion.

In addition, we will be retiring retail stores in Mequon in March of 2013 and downtown Milwaukee in January 2014. The Brookfield store will become our flagship store, which will undergo significant upgrades over the next two years. Projects include lighting, new flooring, visual merchandising, outdoor patio display areas, landscaping, as well as an extension of storage and operating venues. These changes will assist in branding the new direction of our company and set the prototype for any future brick and mortar expansions.  This includes investing in our E-commerce platform to match the growing demands of our online shoppers.


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