Release Date: Tuesday, October 25th 2011

Pop-Up Shops a Poppin' on Water Street

With the ongoing success of the popular boutiques, Luci ,WhiteStar Mensgear, Ms. Ruby,Beauty and Lounge; Water Street has become a top shopping destination.

The new idea of “pop up” shops has recently become a huge success in other cities. “Pop-up” shops give people a chance to test their business in a high traffic area, at an affordable price. Thus far, Lounge boutique has had incredible success with their two, pop-up stores in one.

White Star clothing made its debut on Water Street two years ago. White Star is now integrating the “pop-up” store approach, with the idea to expand its store by subdividing the space into four stores in one. “This will add additional retail options for our clientele on Water Street. “says Clai Green, co-owner of Luci and White Star.

This year we are restructuring our business, and making room for 3 other stores to share the White Star space. This will provide a great opportunity for those who want to start a business.” says Clai Geen and Leon Lefeber, owners of White Star.

The concept is simple; we put three new tenants in our space, and give them each roughly 400 to 500 square feet. This will provide new business owners the chance to start their business, without putting a lot of investment into the store front.  With the opening of the other boutiques on Water Street, it has created huge success in the fashion business. If you were to ask me where else I would open an apparel store, accessories or home store in Milwaukee, I would say ONLY on Water Street; the best traffic hands down!” says Green.

White Star’s store front is ready to go; all we have to do is add the new “pop- up” stores signage. Leases will be available for 6 months to a year. The goal is to provide Water Street with an additional selection of shopping. “We plan on being very selective in our tenants as we want to compliment those already on the block!”

Those that are interested in starting or relocating an existing business; please call 414-364-3761, 414-226-0114 or email


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