Elevate East Town

East Town Annual Fundraiser

Celebrating Arts, Culture & Community

For over 40 years, the East Town Association nonprofit has organized some of downtown Milwaukee’s premier free public events and programs that cultivate a vibrant community experience, enhancing the East Town neighborhood image and appeal, as well as preserving and celebrating Milwaukee’s rich heritage. These lively, diverse events, including Bastille Days, Jazz in the Park, Oktoberfest, and the Cathedral Square Market, have become a beloved intersection of Milwaukeeans, part of the fabric of our community, and your attendance and engagement keep them alive and well.

Elevate East Town is our inaugural annual fundraiser with the aim of mitigating the considerable expenses associated with production, permits, and staffing necessary to maintain the accessibility, safety, and enjoyment of our events for individuals of every age and background. Moreover, the funds raised will bolster endeavors aimed at enhancing the overall quality of Cathedral Square Park for the benefit of public utilization.

Your support helps ensure East Town’s future as an active, dynamic neighborhood that brings Milwaukee together around the arts, culture and community. 

Support Association Events

In the meantime, if you would like to support East Town events, donations can be made online or via checks written out to “Music in the Park, Inc.

Checks can be mailed to the East Town Association office located at 825 N. Jefferson St. Milwaukee, WI 53202.

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Contact info@easttown.com with any questions.